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Exercise at home: How to start

by Rahul Nair
Exercise at home: How to start

Working out at home can be tricky especially with the couch, bed, and fridge within your reach. We got some tips from Dianne Sulit--a Pound Fitness instructor, dance teacher, dancer, and choreographer--on how you can get started with exercising at home. Check these out.

Set the mood right

You’re bringing the workout at home--we have no choice but to use the space we have. Find a spot at home that you can call your ‘sacred place’ for exercise. If you need to move some furniture, go for it! Pick a space at home and claim it: this is my spot for workout! If you were able to set up your work-from-home or study-from-home spot, why not also make your exercise corner?

It’s also easy to get distracted with all the people in the house around, going in and out of your bedroom or walking around the living room. Have a ‘me’ time and tell people in your household not to disturb you during this time that you set for working out.

If you are attending a live online class, make sure you have a good internet connection. If possible, use a bigger device like a tablet or laptop so you can see your coach and people in the class clearly.

Contrary to the popular quote, dance or work out as if someone is actually watching you! Some people do better if they know they are being watched--think of it as your coach watching you closely to make sure you do the exercises right. 

Set realistic goals 

Is it realistic for you to be doing workouts everyday with your schedule at home--whether it’s your school, work, or mom duties? Choose a workout that is interesting for you, something that is not as physically demanding yet especially if you are just starting or have never done any exercises in a long time.

You need to prepare for it too--it’s important to plan your workout routine instead of randomly copying what you see on social media. You need to do your research on what exercise you want to follow, and find out what works for you best.

You can be fit or be an everyday athlete with small activities you can do at home. This is a good time to start good habits you can follow for the long term. While your bed may be inviting, nothing can jumpstart your day or infuse your evening with some energy like a good workout.

Ready to start working out at home? Join Dianne’s dance or fitness classes on EatPlayHeal.

Watch Dianne on EatPlayHeal as she shares more tips and tricks on how you can make your home workout routine more achievable:


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