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What is mindful eating?

by EatPlayHeal Team
What is mindful eating?

Mindful or conscious eating is being fully aware of what you eat, when you eat, how much you consume, how you eat, where you buy your food, how the food makes you feel, and what motivates you to eat. Being more attentive with your food choices will enhance your eating experience and improve your eating habits.

When life gets hectic, we may find ourselves just gobbling meals and barely taste the food we eat. Transform your lifestyle with the best choices for an optimal mind, body and spirit. Here are a few changes to help direct you to the healthy path:

1. Listen to your body.

The food and drink you consume on a daily basis have a direct impact on how you feel and how healthy you are. Your body gives subtle cues that will guide you so make sure to know your cravings and find healthier substitutes.

2. Switch off your phone, eat slowly and savor the taste of your food.

You will be more in sync with what your body needs to elevate your eating experience.

3. Hydrate naturally with water.

Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being. Drinking water can prevent dehydration. Water helps your body keep a normal temperature, protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements.

4. Reduce sugar intake.

For your sweet tooth fix, indulge with fruits and healthier dessert alternatives such as natural yogurt with berries.

5. Support local and organic products.

Reduce the amount of chemicals in your diet for a cleaner bill of health, reduce the risk of cancer and support sustainable options for the good of the environment.


Treat your body with love by taking time to sit, be present with your food and give your body the opportunity to absorb the proper nutrition needed and utilize it well.

What are you eating and what does it do to you, to the society, and the environment? Find out more about conscious eating / mindful eating with Natalie Tarin, President of We Eat Organic, Inc. in this video:


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